Non-digital Activities – For Parents and Kids

Looking for something to do while you’re at home, but want a break from screen-time? Check out this list of ideas for activities geared toward parents and kids that don’t require using your device.

Elephant Toothpaste
Make a batch of super foamy toothpaste that’s big enough for an elephant! Science Buddies teaches how to do this bubbly science experiment with household items.

Galaxy In-a-Bottle
A fun project that anyone can enjoy doing. Galaxy Bottles are not only a colorful and little-to-no mess craft, but they also encourage kids to use their senses and to learn about the universe and outer space.

Handmade Soap
PBS For Parents gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to make soap using every day ingredients, even small plastic animals and trinkets.

Homemade Instruments
From Learning Lift-Off. Get inventive and learn how to DIY 6 of your own musical instruments, including a banjo, rainstick, and water xylophone.

LEGO Challenge
This free, printable calendar offers 30 days’ worth of LEGO-themed challenges, from building a robot to a marble maze. Other ideas for things to do with LEGOs are provided and can be used for fun and for education.

Origami is a special way of folding paper into designs without the use of glue or tape. Here are several diagrams and instructions on how to make origami animals, toys, and more that range from very simple to more advanced shapes. You can also download and print colorful origami papers for free.

Playdough DIY
Learn how to create playdough that can be customized with different colors and scents, and will last a long time when stored in plastic bags.

Printable History Board Games
Beat boredom with some board games. Here are 13 free printable games that offer engaging ways to find out about different periods in history.

Read-Alouds for Together Times
From the blog Orange Marmalade Books. A guide to gentle, rather short chapter books and picture books to read with your kids. Many of these are classics but also include more modern titles.

Science Experiments
A list of over 60 neat science experiments that can be done with simple household objects. Make a volcano out of baking soda, vinegar, and glitter, create invisible ink with lemon juice, build a parachute for a light-weight toy, and more!

Suggested Reads for Teens
Another link from the blog Orange Marmalade Books. A list of tried-and-true books for middle graders and teens, covering genres such as fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, and mystery.

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