Non-digital Activities – For Adults

Looking for something to do while you’re at home, but want a break from screen-time? Check out this list of ideas for activities that don’t require using your device.

Container Gardening
A large amount of yard space isn’t required to grow your own produce. This article provided by Farmer’s Almanac, recently updated for 2020, provides detailed advice and instructions on how to start growing various greens and vegetables using containers, window boxes, and plant supports.

From the hit TV series The Great British Bake-Off, try out these recipes created by contestants from nearly every season. Sort by classic treats, technical challenges, and showstoppers. “On your mark, get set, bake!”

Faux Calligraphy
Modern calligraphy doesn’t require a special dip pen or a quill and ink. You can learn with a pen or mechanical pencil. Lettering Daily teaches how to emulate beautiful calligraphic writing without special tools. Free printable worksheets are included.

Food Canning
Rural Sprout teaches you how to can (or preserve) fresh fruits and vegetables that can be stored away for an extended period of time to be enjoyed at a later date. Links to supplies, directions, and additional canning recipes are provided.

Nature Journaling
Nature journaling has proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. It allows you to be artistic while at the same time offering relaxation. Many supplies to get started can be gathered around your house, and inspiration can be found right outside your door, in your backyard, or just by looking outside a window.

Old Book DIY Crafts
Presented by BookRiot. Looking to unload some old books? Instead of throwing them away, BookRiot offers 30 suggestions (and tutorials) for upcycling them into works of art that can be used to decorate your home, or saved as future gifts. From garlands, to keepsake boxes, to whole wall displays, there’s something for everyone.

By Missouri Star Quilt Co. Learn how to quilt different patterns based on your skill level. Choose from several types of projects taught by various instructors. There is also a forum for quilters to ask for advice, display their pieces, and just chat!

Seed Saving
Learn how to preserve seeds from a variety of crops and flowers you’ve already planted, saving you money and helping to save rare, heirloom plants from disappearing. Seed Savers Exchange offers tips and guides on how to keep seeds from year to year.

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