National Poetry Month Contest Winners!

We’re very excited to announce the winners of the National Poetry Month Contest we held in April! Thank you to all who participated and shared your written works with us.

The First Place Winner of the kid’s contest is Lizzie, age 10, for her poem “Celebration of Voices.” 1st and 2nd runners-up are Maddie and Avery.

“Soft whisper in the breeze

Makes me feel like me

I could sing it all night long

Making it a happy song

A crescendo builds

A love fulfilled

We rejoice and sing together

Holding hands and singing songs

Family and friends

A musical fiesta.”

The First Place Winner of the adult’s contest is Nina, for her poem “The Death Stick Victory.” 1st and 2nd runners-up are Carol and Terry.

“I’ve got to save my lung before the shroud is hung.

Stop sucking nicotine like Beezelbub the fiend!

I’ve got a master plan to stop that cowboy man.

No more addiction, gotta blot out that fiction!

Started smoking when I was but a teen,

it was just part of the scene.

Didn’t care ‘bout my health, only social wealth!

Sucking smoke after hours, basking in teen power.

Feeling bold and brave (but digging my own grave!)

But now I’m over twenty-one, not a scared kid on the run.

See through media suggestions, got to form my own questions:

Do I choose life or death?

Do I cherish every breath?

Do I wish to see the sun rise every day?

See my little cousins play?

Or do I want to be six feet under?

My life one big blunder?

The tired PSA theme: “another life lost to nicotine!”

Now I have to think for myself, place rebellion on the shelf.

This cute little ill can’t be cured by patch or pill.

My addiction is from within.

I’ll have to forgive my past sin.

Moving past excuses, healing those bruises.

It’s the dawn of a new day.

I’m throwing those ciggies away!”

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