Didgeridoo Down Under at the library!

Didgeridoo Down Under will entertain the kids with an authentic and interesting Australian show this coming Wednesday, June 26th! The program will be in the gym at 1PM. Please come and join the fun!

DDU Picture

The DDU Show is a high-energy, Australia-themed program that combines music, puppetry, comedy, environmental education, character building and audience participation. The didgeridoo has been played by Aboriginal Australians for at least 1,500 years. But DDU is much more than music — it’s interactive, educational and super fun … a one-of-a-kind musical & cultural experience for all ages!

This program is part of our Dig Into Reading programs this summer for the kids.  There is a free program each Wednesday at 1PM for the kids.  Children will also be awarded a prize each week if they read something and record their reading on the program web site-



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