Help raise money for the library-just by writing reviews!

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Now you can help raise money for Aston Public Library without buying or selling anything! Instead of writing a check, you can raise money by writing online reviews of local businesses you already use for Insider Pages. Each review you write earns up to $1.50 for our fundraiser!
If you are the first person to review a business, your review will earn us up to $1.50. If you post the 2nd – 4th review of a business, Insider Pages will donate up to $0.50! Reviews of chain stores or chain restaurants do not count towards our Fundraiser.
Dates: 06/01/10 – 06/22/10.
How to Participate:
1. Sign up at
2. Write reviews of any local businesses or services that you have used within the last 2 years. Just writing 20-30
reviews is a great step towards reaching our goal of $3,000.00
Check out this list of businesses to help you get started:
Health & Fitness Home & Garden
– Doctor – Plumber
– Dentist – Electrician
– Pediatrician – Contractor
– Gym – Cleaning Service
Financial Services Beauty & Spa
– Accountant – Day Spa
– Tax Attorney – Hair Salon
– Bank – Nail Salon
– Mortgage Company – Dermatologist
Child Care Pets & Animals
– Preschool – Animal Hospital
– Day Care – Pet Sitter
– Summer Camp – Groomer
– Tutor – Pet Store
3. Recruit friends and family to participate. Just direct them to our fundraising page at

Anybody over 18 can write reviews and help us reach our goal.
Questions? Contact the Insider Pages Fundraiser team at Remember to put “Aston
Public Library” in the subject of the email.
We’ve got 3 weeks to raise as much as we can. Let’s get started!!!!

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One response to “Help raise money for the library-just by writing reviews!

  1. astonlibrary

    Thanks for the help everyone! We raised a total of $558.25!

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