Annual Bookmark Contest!


It’s time for the annual bookmark contest again!  Children in grades 1 through 8 are eligible to participate.  Just create an original bookmark using the form.


1.Only two different entries per child allowed.
2. You must use black pen on white paper.  Do not use colors!
3.Cut out bookmark along the dotted line.
4.Write your name, address, phone, school,  grade and library on the back of each bookmark.
5. Entries must be original. Do not use copyrighted cartoon figures. (For example: Garfield) They cannot be accepted.  Computer generated art  is not considered original artwork.

Deadline:  Friday, February 12, 2010

All entries become property of the Aston Public Library.

Entries will be judged at your local library. One winner  from each division will be selected. These selections will  be entered in a county-wide judging. Winners of the county judging will have their bookmarks  printed and distributed in the Public Libraries of Delaware  County for National Library Week.

This is a program of the Delaware County Library System!


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